The Dragon Empire – An example of Mike Schley’s overland style for CC3+

While we are feverishly working to get CC3+ out to you, here’s another example of Mike Schley‘s overland style that is included in that next version of Campaign Cartographer. We created the map in the process of testing , and while we won’t give a fixed release date, let’s just say we’re getting very close now.

The map is a redo of Lee Moyer‘s gorgeous map for Pelgrane Press’ and Fire Opal Media’s 13th Age game. You can download the original here. The map shows the Dragon Empire, the game’s broadly defined, high-magic fantasy setting of a powerful human empire beset by troubles on all sides.

Click on the map to download a hi-res version suitable for printing.
The Dragon Empire

6 Responses to “The Dragon Empire – An example of Mike Schley’s overland style for CC3+”

  1. That is an amazing map, if I can use CC3+ to make maps like that I can’t imagine why I wouldn’t buy it. My players would flip.

  2. Absolutely beautiful!

  3. I wish I still had access to that roll printer. That’d look fantastic on my office wall.

  4. I am DYING to make a map of the Flanaess using this style. It looks perfect for it.

  5. That’s a gorgeous map, and an absurdly-beautiful style. I can hardly wait!

  6. Awesome map, hopefully mine will look like that to someday.