The Cartographer’s Vault Humble Bundle

We’ve released a new collection with Humble Bundle, quite different to the others we’ve done, which were mainly collections of our products. This one is a treasure trove of maps, in high resolution format, with CC3+ fcw files where available.

The logo of the Cartographer's Vault
There are more than 450 maps, including dungeons, floorplans, cities, overland and lairs. Some of these were commissioned specially for the bundle, some are from Pelgrane Press, others are user maps which have been selected and enhanced for the bundle and a few were included on this blog or in annuals.  A more complete break down follows below.

The Bundle also includes a copy of CC3+ with the new Random Dungeon Generator. If you have CC3+ already, you can get the RDG from your registration page, and you are welcome to give your serial key away to a friend, as long as you let know.

A breakdown of what’s new and what’s not:

  • Campaign Cartographer 3+ (and the Random Dungeon Generator). The RDG is available as a free download to existing CC3+ customers.
  • The Encompass maps were previously published on DriveThruRPG (they are the ones with the brown covers on the Humble Bundle.) This was a series of detailed maps with supporting material published under a different imprint. Three of them had previously been published by ProFantasy as CC3+ files. They are included in the Bundle as is.
  • 37 maps by the excellent Christina Trani were published in the All the Annuals series on the ProFantasy blog as CC3+ files and low resolution pngs. The versions in the Humble Bundle are much higher resolution and available in labelled and unlabelled format.
  • 109 maps were from Pelgrane Press’s 13th Age Battle Scenes products, available as PDFs.Two of these were included in the December 2015 Annual. The Bundle includes them all as high resolution unlabelled pngs.
  • Five maps published in the 13th Age adventure Shadows of Eldolan published by Pelgrane Press. The Humble Bundle includes the CC3+ files.
  • Eight maps were from Pelgrane Press’s Ashen Stars RPG. One of these was also published as a Cartographer’s Annual. The HB versions include all the CC3+ maps as well as high resolution PDFs.
  • 83 of the maps were published on DriveThruRPG by the brilliant cartographer, Alyssa Faden.
  • 42 are newly commissioned maps, and the rest are maps which are enhanced versions of maps published online by CC3+ users.

8 Responses to “The Cartographer’s Vault Humble Bundle”

  1. Outstanding collection. I only saw a little of it during Preparation, and from what I saw it’s well worth the money.

  2. Even though I contributed to this bundle, I’ll still be purchasing it for the massive collection of ready made maps to be used in my dungeons & dragons campaign. Thanks PF!!!

  3. A massive effort by the entire ProFantasy community, which I feel privileged to be a part of in the company of great mappers I have long admired.

  4. I don’t understand about how to get the Random Dungeon Generator add-on. I have CC3+. (I also have DD3, though I’m still working through the manual and learning how to use CC3 so I haven’t played with DD3 yet.) My downloads page doesn’t list any Random Dungeon Generator, though. What am I missing?

  5. Never mind. I realized I was looking in the wrong place. Sorry about that.

  6. So you found it? For reference, it is listed under the Campaign Cartographer 3+ downloads.

  7. I purchased this bundle. However, I am apparently missing some of the symbols needed as several of the maps are just a collection of red “X’s”. It seems some of these are Mike Schley symbols and the others are in folder CA134. It shows the FileName as “@Symbols\Dungeons\Annual Dungeon Walls\Walls DD3\x” is this part of an annual? If so which one? Another missing folder is “MoC Style” is this an annual or which symbol set?

  8. Hello Kevin!

    Along with the maps you should have received an Excel sheet listing the various dependencies (i.e. the products the maps need to be displayed in CC3+). As for your specific questions,
    – Dungeon Walls is from the Annual 2018:
    – “MoC Style” doesn’t ring a bell right away, which map is that in?

    Best regards,
    Ralf Schemmann