Testing CC3 under Windows 8

CC3 in Windows 8
Looking good: CC3 installs and runs fine in the Windows 8 Developer preview.

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  1. ProFantasy Team:

    Any news on CC3’s, CC2’s, and add-on product’s (from both 2 and 3) compatibility with Windows 8?

    I’m moving my family to Windows 8, but want to ensure I can still use my ProFantasy products!

    Thank you!

    John K. Weaver

  2. @John K. Weaver, Hi John!
    So far CC3 seems to be working fine under Windows 8, except that you can’t write PNGs to the CC3 program folder from within CC3 … which shouldn’t be a problem for you.

  3. I’m having problems. I have windows 8 pro (64-bit) and when I try to install, the installer just gets stuck. the progress bar alternates from full to empty the message “windows installer” shows up but nothing is being installed. I looked into the target area (program files(x86) and nothing is happening. Any ideas?

  4. I have installed CC3 on Win8 64 bit without any issues but am unable to create any maps or to open any previously created maps (FCW files). Each time a Windows message that fcw32.exe has stopped working appears. I created and saved a file and the message appeared and so I thought it hadn’t been saved. However, it is in the folder and when I click on it in File, Open a preview of it exists – I just can’t open it again.

    Any clues?


  5. Just did a test – double-clicking the file in the File Manager opens the map correctly – just can’t use File, Open.

  6. Please submit a tech support request for that, from your registration page. It’s a bit awkward doing tech support through the comment sections of the blog. 😀

  7. Can’t instal Dungeon Desinger for CC3 on Win8 64-bit. DD requires NetFramework, but in Win8 it’s preinstal and i have last version.
    What i can do for DD see NetFramework?
    P.S.: other patche see NetFramework normaly, problem only with DD.

  8. Vayir, it’s likely that Dungeon Designer Pro does nto work under Windows 8 anymore … an update to DD3 would be necessary. But please submit a tech support request from your registration page and we can look more closely into this.