Old-time map This is a bit of a personal announcement by me (Ralf), meant to clear up any confusion that may arise in the coming weeks: I’m taking some time off to travel and realize my life-long dream to see Australia and New Zealand. I’ll be away for three months (from November to end of January) and my duties at ProFantasy will be taken over by Simon, Mark and – welcome to the club – Jeff Salus (Dogtag on the forum). You are in good hands!

The Cartographer’s Annual will be appearing as normal; everything is prepared for the time that I am away and should be running smoothly. In fact, you can preview the November and the December issues now, as well as the 2017 Annual. Jeff will be handling tech support and the community forum is always there with many helpful voices.

I am very much looking for my first time in the southern hemisphere and hope to bring back many inspirations for future maps. See you in February next year!

Once a month or so someone emails us having bought a second-hand copy of CC3, or more usually, older versions of Campaign Cartographer. Usually, these purchases do not include a serial number. Such purchases are worthless. Occasionally this is deliberate, but more often it’s a mail order copy – these don’t include the serials, just the media and documentation. Ebay is a very typical source of unlicensed copies.

Now, in common with most software, when you spend money on Campaign Cartographer, you are buying a license to use the software – so the important thing is the unique serial number. You can transfer our license to another person, as long as you let us know and the transfer includes all versions of CC3 that the original licensee has purchased. This prevents mutiple individuals buying an upgrade for a product. We’d be happy to email any potential seller confirmation that they have a legitimate copy, and arrange for a license transfer.

So, if you are in any doubt, or even if you’ve been stung, we’d be happy to help. Just email the support desk.