I’ve been dealing with general customer queries for a couple of weeks while Ralf is on a well deserved holiday. Aside from the odd bit of tech support and registration enquiries I’ve had a few emails about licensing – that is, whether you can publish and/or sell the maps you create with Campaign Cartographer 3. The answer is simple: Yes, you can. You hold all the rights to the artwork you create with ProFantasy‚Äôs Software.

What you may not do, is re-distributing the artwork that we provide, i.e. the symbols and catalogs that come with the software. This includes maps that are created solely for the purpose of distributing symbols. We also include floorplan-resolution exports (eg PDFs) consisting predominantly of our artwork in this proviso.

Think of the symbols as a True Type font you have bought. You may create and sell documents created with that font, but you may not redistribute the font itself, or create a book of fonts.