Mappa Harnica“Mappa Hârnica” probably sounds familiar to many of our old-time users and brings up fond memories. It was (or is) an awesome fan-crated add-on for Campaign Cartographer 2 Pro, which allowed the creation of overland maps, cities and floorplans in the style of Columbia Games’ Hârn RPG. Unfortunately it was never updated for CC3, mostly because it included such a wealth of content which was not very easily transferable into CC3’s new setup of sheets and drawing tools.

Shiran CityBut we’ve never forgotten about it, and we would really like to see a new edition of this tool set for CC3+. Currently we are looking at the possibility of re-developing the Mappa Hârnica styles, either as a stand-alone mini add-on or as Cartographer’s Annual issues. If you are interested in helping with this project and perhaps know a thing or two about the maps of Hârn, let us know, and we’ll make sure to keep you in the loop. Especially if you’re one of the original authors, get in touch with us!

If you are interested in the wonderful cartography of Columbia Games and Hârn, check out their current Cities of Hârn Kickstarter:

Cities of Hârn is a collection of 7 different urban environments.

Each city has information about its history, economics, government, religion, military forces, residents, culture, and more. The consistency and comprehensive details about urban life is unmatched. A framework for compelling adventure and immersive storytelling is provided while leaving GMs infinite room for their own creativity.

You can start using Shiran right away, for one dollar, which you will receive shortly after pledging!