The January issue of the Annual 2013, entitled “Investigation Props”, is now available. Be it your classic Cthulhu campaign set in 1920s and 30s, games set in even more recent times like Night’s Black Agents and Delta Green, or sci-fi settings like Ashen Stars – the January issue contains the tools to create handouts, charts and other props for any of these.
CA73 Corkboard
You can subscribe to the Annual 2013 here.

October 2011: Treasure Maps

We’ve just released the October Annual for subscribers to download: A beautiful map style inspired by classic fiction treasure maps. It allows users to easily create handouts for their game and set their players on the trail of that elusive treasure hoard.

September 2011: Military Operations

Due to after-GenCon demands and vacation times, we didn’t get around to posting about the September Annual when it was released. Here is sneak peek at the military operations type maps that can be created with its included style.