CA173 The Four KingdomsEvery year we make one of the Cartographer’s Annual issue available for free to give everyone a taste of the great mapping inside.

This year we decided on the Darklands overland style from may, created by Sue Daniel which gives you a full-blown overland style for your maps. This style is now included in the Free Sampler and can also be downloaded individually from the Annual page.

To make up to all our loyal subscribers, we add a bonus issue to the year’s roster. This year Sue Daniel expands on her Darklands City style with new textures, symbols and tools that let you enhance your city maps with fields and meadows, separating hedges and walls, and reed-overgrown riverbanks.

The Bonus issue is now available for all subscribers from their registration page. If you haven’t subscribed to the Annual 2021 yet, you can do so here.

Note: The re-subcription offer for the Annual 2022 will become available later this week.

CA156A Example MapAs is our tradition for the Cartographer’s Annual we produce an extra issue each year and make one of them available for anyone. For 2019, the bonus issue IS the free one.

The Bonus issue “Symbol Drawing Tools” takes advantage of some recent updates to add drawing tools for mountain ranges, scattered woodlands and other terrain types to the overland styles of CC3+. The updates allow the creation of drawing tools that place randomized symbols along paths and fill polygons with a random scattering of symbols. The included mapping guide teaches you how to set up these kind of tools yourself. The example map as shown on the right was drawn with drawing tools only. No individual symbols were placed.

The bonus issue is available as a free issue and can be used by anyone with Campaign Cartographer 3 Plus. Download it from the Cartographer’s Annual Vol 13 web site.

CA144A City DomesThe 12th year of the Cartographer’s Annual is coming to a close and as usual we have a bonus issue available for our subscribers, while another issue is made freely available to the public.

The bonus issue contains a set of almost 200 bitmap symbols by Sue Daniel, adding a wide range of high detail domed roof symbols which can be used in City Designer 3 or on their own. It meshes perfectly with the city styles already published in 2018’s Annuals, adding even more variety to your cityscapes.

We didn’t want to restrict October’s video tutorial to Annual subscribers only, so we’ve made that issue freely available to anyone. The download can be accessed from October’s web page, and the video is now public on our YouTube channel.

Worlds of WonderCartographer’s Annual 2019

At the same time, subscription to the 2019 Cartographer’s Annual (Vol. 13) is now open. We think we have some great material in store for you, starting with a beautiful overland style in January, isometric city symbols in February and a detailed science fiction location in March. Check out the previews on the 2019 Annual site.

If you are a current subscriber or were subscribed in 2016 or 2017, you should have received an offer to resubscribe at special discount price via email. If you want to start fresh with 2019’s Annual, you can
subscribe at our pre-release price. The first issue will become available at the start of the new year.

Subscribe here for another twelve months of mapping goodness!