Symbol Set 6 – Isometric Cities is now available

We are excited to release the final version of the latest Symbol Set into the public, with hundreds of amazing symbols by Mike Schley. Symbols Set 6 – Isometric Cities let’s you soar across the rooftops of your cities, giving you a unique new perspective.

Symbol Set 6 – Isometric Cities comes with these features:

    • 128 different city buildings in full color, varicolor and inked versions, each individually drawn in four different views.
    • A total of more than 800 color and 450 black & white symbols.
    • More than 30 bitmap fills, 88 drawing, and 4 templates across two styles.
    • An Essentials guide introducing you to creating maps with the Isometric Cities style.

  • Symbol Set 6 can be used with or without City Designer 3 and Perspectives 3.
  • If you don’t own Campaign Cartographer 3 Plus, you can still use the PNG artwork included in this add-on, installed as a stand-alone resource folder.

Get more information on the Symbol Set 6 product page. If you want to take a look at SS6 in action, check out our live mapping video here.

Get Symbol Set 6 – Isometric Cities now!

Newsletter Subscribers have had access to SS6 for a while, and the CC3+ community has already created lots of beautiful maps. Here is a collection of some of them:

Murder At The East Gate by Grimur Fjeldsted
Murder At The East Gate

The Village of Orin by Gerri Broman
The Village of Orin by Gerri Broman

Shurav and Evorah by Ricko Hasche

Rattenzwinge by Micha Hofmann

The Village of Humbolt by Luke Zitlofsky

The City of Aeniar by Jeffrey Beiderbeck

And finally, an example map included in Symbol Set 6.
SS6 Altebruck

2 Responses to “Symbol Set 6 – Isometric Cities is now available”

  1. Superb work! A gorgeous style Mike, and beautiful maps from the group.

    Thank you very much! 😀

  2. Chefkiss