Symbol Set 6 – Isometric Cities Beta imminent

We are happy to announce that Symbol Set 6 – Isometric Cities is ready to be released into the wild as a public beta version this week. Mike Schley has created another set of amazing city symbols – this time in isometric perspective, giving you an unparalleled panoramic view across the landscape of your cities and towns.

CathedralThe Isometric Cities set features hundreds of high-resolution symbols and textures and all the tools, effects and templates you need to create breath-taking city views of your own. All buildings and objects, be they houses, workshops city walls, tombs and crypts, boats and wagons, or shrubs and trees – come in four cardinal views so you see and display them from all sides.

We will send out a separate product announcement later this week (via email and blog) from which you will be able purchase SS6 , and you will get immediate access to the beta version. It includes all artwork, tools and styles, and the Essentials guide. You can report any problems and issues to and we will fix them for the finished version, which should not be long in the making.


Hazelborough Ink

5 Responses to “Symbol Set 6 – Isometric Cities Beta imminent”

  1. It’s a beautiful style! I very much enjoyed helping with the preparations.

    Thank you very much, Mike and Profantasy 🙂

  2. That black-and-white isometric map is a dream come true. Exceptional!

  3. Nice! Can you show an example of the four cardinal sides?

  4. When can we buy these? 🙂

  5. Hi Matt! Are you subscribed to our newsletter? If yes, check your inbox you should have a mail that let’s you purchase early access SS6. If not, send us an email!