Symbol Creation Guide for Character Artist 3

CA3 GunmanAs many symbols as Character Artist 3 contains or how many we may add in the future, the incredible variety of role-playing games, settings and campaigns means there will always be need and room for more.

The obvious – but not always simple – solution to needed symbols is to create them yourselves, either by drawing them from scratch or adapting existing artwork to your own requirements. Because the Character Artist 3 catalogs and symbols have a pretty specific setup, we are offering this guide to their creation. It takes you through the steps of adjusting existing png artwork for use in CA3 and importing it as a symbol.

Download CA3 Symbol Creation Guide mini-installer (contains pdf and support files)
Download CA3 Symbol Creation Guide pdf

One Response to “Symbol Creation Guide for Character Artist 3”

  1. I have to admit, I mostly bought CA3 for the upgrade that came with it for the new CC at a future date, but I was really impressed with the product. I’m no artist, or I’d be working on this myself, but I look forward to seeing some more symbol sets for CA3 for Modern or SciFi settings. Oh, also, Superhero symbols would be super cool too.