Some Customer Feedback

We love getting customer feedback but nothing is as satisfying as when happy CC3 users send us the maps that have been important to their gaming. Like Nick P. does with these words:

“Hi! I love CC3 so much! I spent a long time making the attached map. It’s no masterpiece, but I’m proud! I had to do the text in Photoshop to make it bendy, but just wanted to drop a line to let you know I love your product – it has helped bring my latest campaign to life.”
Northern Aeon

He can certainly be proud. I love the whimsical detail of the map and the great care all the symbols have been placed with.

And I was happy to to provide a little tech support too: Curved text can be done in CC3 with the “Text along a curve” command (found in the Draw menu or by right-clicking the text button).

Thanks for map and the kind words, Nick!

3 Responses to “Some Customer Feedback”

  1. The text by the OP is incorrect. This IS a Masterpiece.

  2. I agree. The user is being very modest, and has done a wonderful job.

  3. I agree too. Masterpiece! I love its mood. I have been seeing it for half hour.