September: Update 22 and going from FT3 to CC3+

Dear mappers, welcome to ProFantasy’s September newsletter! We have released an update for CC3+ including some beat new features and there is a two-part article on how to get the best of your FT3 map into Campaign Cartographer 3+.




3 Responses to “September: Update 22 and going from FT3 to CC3+”

  1. Is there even a slim chance that FT3 gets updated one day?

    I’m a Pro user and my version is from 2013 (last update), and it works OK on Windows 10. But I was just curious.

  2. Yes, there will certainly be an update for Fractal Terrains, we just don’t have a date for that yet.

  3. Cool!
    I really like it and is a foundation for my maps in FAR Colony.

    Thanks for your answer!