September Annual – Photoshop Brushes and Robert Altbauer Style

We’ve just released the September issue of the Annual 2010.  While also including a complete new style based on the work of fantasy cartographer Robert Altbauer, the accompanying tutorial focuses on how to convert Photoshop brushes into CC3 symbols catalogs. The quick and easy process opens up a whole lot of material to use in CC3, as there are many free-to-use brushes available on the web.

The included style uses a serial of brushes for mountains and hills, made available on the Cartographers’ Guild forum. Here is the example map created with the new style:

Robert Altbauer's style in CC3

And here's a sample of the Mountain symbol catalog created from a Photoshop Brush:

Mountain symbols created from a Photoshop Brush

2 Responses to “September Annual – Photoshop Brushes and Robert Altbauer Style”

  1. how can I downlaod this brush??

  2. The Mountain brushes are available on the Cartographer’s Guild here: