ProFantasy Gift Vouchers

If you are already a ProFantasy Software customer, you now having something to put on your wish list – a ProFantasy Gift Voucher. You don’t need to be told what you can get – you already know!

This post is for people with roleplayers or map-makers in their lives other than themselves, so you’ve got an idea what your recipient can get with their gift voucher. And your recipient can combine vouchers, so that a game group can all chip in.

  • For $45 they could get CC3 – the core of our line. It will enable the recipient to create maps for almost any genre.
  • For $40 they could get any of our add-ons eg Dungeon Designer 3 or City Designer 3,or one of the Cartographer’s Annuals.
  • Also for $40, as a stand-alone product, any of our collections of Source Maps or Fractal Terrains. You don’t even need to make maps to make use of these. Castles and Temples, Tombs have saved me hours of prep for D&D games.
  • For $25 we have Symbol Sets for overland, floorplans and modern.
  • Anything smaller, and it will take the edge of a purchase, or stack with other vouchers.

Because we like to be classy, our vouchers do not expire, unlike certain others. After all, we still offer downloads for ten-year-old orders.

One Response to “ProFantasy Gift Vouchers”

  1. This a great idea, and very timely for Christmas. I’ll post about it on my blog and let my readers know it’s available.