Pre-GenCon Annual: Vertical Dungeon Geomorphs

Inspired by the Geomorphic dungeons of Dave’s Mapper and the idea of vertical dungeon maps by Stonewerk on his blog, I created a set of geomorphic dungeon tiles for the August Annual complete with the style and tools to draw your own.

EDIT: The style was inspired by the images posted on the ProFantasy Community Forum, which I mistakenly thought came from Stonewerk’s Blog. The proper source is Dyson Logos’s blog “A Character for Every Game“. Sorry for the mistake and thanks for the great inspiration!

Here is my complete example map for Issue 56 of the Cartographer’s Annual (click image for a larger view):
Example of Vertical Dungeon View

3 Responses to “Pre-GenCon Annual: Vertical Dungeon Geomorphs”

  1. You might also want to give some props to Dyson Logos, since you’re imitating his style in the picture in the post. Here’s the page with his vertical geomorphs and links to many others:

  2. Sorry, I missed the origin of that style from Dyson Logos. I’ve added proper attribution.

  3. Nice morphs. When I finally get around to implementing vertical morphs in my mapper, would you be interested in having your tiles included? Shoot me an e-mail and let me know your thoughts.