Freelance RPG Crowdfunding Marketing Manager

ProFantasy Software Ltd, a leading producer of map-making software for table-top RPGs, based in the UK, is seeking an experienced marketing manager to oversee the crowdfunding campaign for the latest version of our flagship software, Campaign Cartographer.

Start Date: mid-April – mid-May 2024 (exact dates to be confirmed)

Location: Remote, anywhere

Payment: $30 an hour, with a post-crowdfunding bonus depending on the campaign’s success.

Hours: 15 hours a week (flexible) with more hours during the campaign

Purpose of job

  • Gather data about our existing and potential customer base and market.
  • Devise and implement a marketing strategy to maximize net revenue from our crowdfunding campaign across multiple platforms, both in the lead up to the campaign and when it is underway.
  • Manage and implement advertising on social media within budgets agreed with management, analyze their effectiveness and adapt the campaign accordingly.
  • Work with management on creating suitable backer levels and messaging for the campaign.
  • Identify new marketing opportunities and analyze the efficacy of existing ones.
  • Create marketing graphics and social media images and videos using our existing art resources, commission new ones and maintain and cultivate our email list with targeted emails.
  • Enhance our existing ecommerce newsletter, promotion and content.
  • Work with journalists and bloggers to promote the campaign.
  • During the crowdfunding, proactively adapt the campaign to increase revenue and backer satisfaction.

Knowledge and Experience

  • Experience of previous large, successful crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Knowledge and experience in the TTRPG industry.
  • Experience of writing for digital platforms (optimizing SEO), in particular websites and e-communications.
  • Knowledge of creating content for digital purposes including graphic and audio-visual assets.
  • Knowledge of digital marketing and key trends in crowdfunding.
  • Significant marketing experience across all channels.
  • Good writing style and ability to adopt different tones.


  • Able to work independently and without supervision.
  • Able to manage time, effort and resources between short-term tactical opportunities versus medium/long-term strategic opportunities.
  • Deadline-driven and adept at balancing competing priorities and managing complexity.
  • Good eye for design and detail.
  • Experience of using data to provide insights, using analytics to assess success or suggested changes.


  • A good working knowledge of Google analytics.
  • Familiarity with Meta advertising.
  • Solid Excel skills.
  • Knowledge of Backerkit.
  • Familiarity with adding content to WordPress.
  • This is a temporary freelance position, with the possibility of extension.

How to apply: Please email an expression of interest with your CV / resume as a PDF to Simon Rogers at by 12th April, including details of the crowdfunding campaigns in which you’ve been involved.

 Direct any enquiries prior to your application to the same email address.

Deadline: Interviews to take place. Role will commence at the end of April, exact dates to be confirmed.


For those of you who haven’t seen them, we do a live mapping session on YouTube most weeks, showcasing a certain style or set of tools in CC3+. Here are the most recent Live Mapping videos, as archived on YouTube:

The Overland Hex style from the Annual 2010 introduced the first style using the hex symbol functionality embedded in CC3+.

City Designer 3 can be used for many different styles of settlement. Here we showcase a Old West style town.

Remy Monsen demos the latest Cartographer’s Annual style (by Sue Daniel) in this video.

Time for another look at the maps the community has produced last month i.e. in February. Everybody has been extremely busy, so we’ve got a long list!

Julian Dracos created a map of the Dragonlance world in the Worthington Historical style, and I love it. Now what was the name of that world again? Trying to remember and too lazy to Google it right now…
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A little warning this month: If you’re suffering from arachnophobia, take it slowly with this month’s free symbols. Mike has drawn some lovely web-cloaked woodlands, massive giant spiders to haunt your dreams and web and lairs to give them a wonderfully scary home.

To download the free content go to your registration page and on the Downloads tab, click the download button for Campaign Cartographer 3 Plus. Mike’s new symbols are the last link in the list. All the content of the current year (January to March 2024 so far) is included in the one download.

You can always check the available monthly content on our dedicated page.

The March Annual issue is available, and subscribers can now start delving into the new Sinister Sewers style by Sue Daniel.

Prepare to get your feet and hands dirty in thick sewage and sludge, as you navigate drains and pipes, and contend with carnivorous plants (those rats must be tasty) and tentacled monstrosities that creep up from the depth below. But at least the streets above are clean and people can blissfully ignore the horrors beneath their feet!

The March issue is now available for all subscribers from their registration page. If you haven’t subscribed to the Annual 2024 yet, you can do so here.

There are many things that sets CC3+ apart from other graphics and mapping programs. One of these differences is the size of the mapping area. In most programs, when you start a new file, you specify a size, and you get a canvas exactly that size. If you try putting something halfway outside the edge, like a symbol or equivalent, the spillover is simply lost. In CC3+ however, this is completely different.

CC3+ doesn’t operate with a fixed sized canvas, for most practical considerations it is infinite. There’s nothing preventing you from placing a symbol entirely outside the map area if you so wish, simply because your map only occupies a small spot on that almost infinite canvas. But if the drawing area is of infinite space, how do we determine the actual size of the map? And why do our drawing tools seem to only draw within the map area?

To understand this, we need to look at the map border. When we talk about map borders in CC3+, there are actually two different things we may be talking about. We might be talking about that nice decorative frame around your map. This is known as the decorative map border, and it is just that, decorative. Some map styles have a very elaborate decorative map border, while others have a much more spartan one, sometimes even just a simple line. It doesn’t have any functionality, it is just there to give your map a visual frame. Then we have the technical map border. This is what actually defines your map’s size on the canvas, and all tools that have a restrict to map border option, like drawing tools and bitmap exports work with this one. Usually, it will overlap in location with the decorative map border, but it is the technical map border that provides the functionality.

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2024-02 GlaciersNews

  • The February issue of the Cartographer’s Annual 2023 is available, providing a new parchment-look overland style.



  • Remy teaches us how to create a variety of shortcut keys within Campaign Cartographer 3 Plus.
  • Christina showcases the October issue of the Cartographer’s Annual 2016 with the “Horror House” style by Pär Lindström in her latest iteration of the All the Annuals series.


  • CC3+’s current version is 3.98. Check in Help > About and if your version is older, run Update 28 for CC3+ available from your registration page.
  • Fractal Terrains 3+ has been released and is available from among your FT3 downloads on your registration page.
  • Join our community of map-makers on the Profantasy forum and/or the Facebook group.

Well met, mappers! This next monthly installment of the 2016 Annual was timed perfectly with Spooky Season … Pär Lindström’s Horror House!

(Download the FCW file)

This black and white style is perfect for your spooky season one-shot this year! Planning a Cthulhu themed game? This style easily puts together a quick, clean, modern floorplan for your gaming needs. As per my usual, I did a search for an olde tyme floor plan from days of yore on the internet and dropped a png image onto my map for me to easily trace. After tracing the basic plan, I deleted my pic and just filled in the rooms with some of Pär’s assets, such as the broken furniture for any murder mystery you might be planning for your gaming party!

About the author: Lorelei was my very first D&D character I created more years back than i’d like to remember. When I decided to venture into creating maps for my and others rpgs, I thought I owed it to her to name myself Lorelei Cartography, since it was her that led me to the wonderful world of tabletop gaming in the first place. Since then I have been honored to have worked with companies such as WizKids, Pelgrane Press, and ProFantasy.

And here we go with our first set of Maps of the Month for 2024 (January). Let’s see what beauties the community shared!

Lorelei (Christina Trani) created a whole set of maps for Tegel Manor and environs, another amazing recreation of that classic adventure location.
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2024-02 Glaciers
Where it was all lava, fire and heat last month, we get all cold and icy this February with the next set of free symbols by the magnificent Mike Schley! 20 more symbols show various glaces, lakes and caverns as well as a splendid tower of ice.

To download the free content go to your registration page and on the Downloads tab, click the download button for Campaign Cartographer 3 Plus. Mike’s new symbols are the last link in the list. All the content of the current year (only January 2024 so far) is included in the one download.

You can always check the available monthly content on our dedicated page.

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