On the Cartographer’s Desk: Quo Vadis Monthly Symbols?

Monthly Symbols Example Part 1

Our freely available small monthly symbol sets, created by Mike Schley have been very popular (no surprise there!), and we are now nearing the completion of the first full year. The big example map that I use to try out and show all the symbols has become a wonderful, sprawling mess depicting lots of weird places and happenings.

So far all the symbols have been for overland maps and we are considering a variation in theme once we reach June and the second year of the program. There are still lots of ideas for overland maps, but we would also like mappers to profit from the free symbols, who are not doing so many overland maps.

Monthly Symbols Example Part 2

It will still be Mike doing them, and currently we are thinking of doing dungeon symbols for a while, complementing his Dungeons of Schley style. But of course we’d like to hear from you, what you would like to see in the free monhtly symbols.

Should we stick with overland symbols for a while? Is the idea of Dungeon symbosl fine? Or would you like to see something else entirely. You can also submit more specific ideas for what should be in the sets, like what you would need in an overland map or dungeon floorplan.

Send us an email, post in the comments here, or head over to the Profantasy community forum and reply there.

4 Responses to “On the Cartographer’s Desk: Quo Vadis Monthly Symbols?”

  1. You have no idea how often I need tents, pavilions, and other temporary structures for my dungeon/city level maps. Everything from camping tents to circus tents, to military tents, to royal pavilions… Canvas me up!

  2. I would love to see more symbols for city and battle maps. Harbor scenes, temples, statues, mansions, parts, grimy and dirty streets, and more building types.

    Top of my wishlist would support massive cities, like be Serpentine City expanded for more types of cities, but I suppose that is a topic for another day.

  3. YES!! Please do some dungeon symbols!

    Also, get Mike to do Cosmographer style!

  4. I love the growing symbol set, and have a suggestion: the elves and dwarves all have their own cities (and ruins), but what about other cultures? The best example so far is the desert themed “Parched Land.”
    But perhaps some cities, towers, walls and ruins for ancient China, or Japan, or the Ottoman empire?

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