On the Cartographer’s Desk – February 2016

Perspectives Settins Dialog
So, where is that Perspectives 3 you are talking about so much, you ask, and rightfully so. The truth is, I was a bit hasty with my previous assessment. We ran into some hiccups with the central Perspectives dialogs and to sort them out before we could move on. The good news is, we’ve now got the beta version out to the testers now. I’m now working on the documentation (Essentials guide and help files), but we might still do a pre-release for alpha users before Perspectives 3 gets its full public release. Watch this space.

Perspective House DialogYou can see in the dialog screenshots (click them for larger versions) that we’ve significantly enlarged the previews for the isometric rooms and buildings. We’ve also simplified the setup. Where in Perspectives Pro you had a separate color setting that combined with Perspective and House settings in a way that could be a bit confusion, now the color settings are built into the others. That became possible because the wall shading is now handled through shaded polygon entities, instead of different colors. That also means that you can adjust lighting and shadows globally on the map, in a similar way to City Designer 3’s roof shading.

Bitmap A StyleHere’s a little preview of the other Perspectives 3 bitmap style, created by Kai-Uwe Wallner. It is based on the artwork for Dungeon Designer 3, and Kai-Uwe did a magnificent job in converting the dungeon artwork by Dave Allsop into 3d objects. Because he created full models of the objects, we were able to create 8 views of each symbols, doubling the number of orientations you can show them on the map.

Here is the Evil Idol symbol from the Statues catalog in its 8 variations:
Evil Idol Symbol

Apart from Perspectives 3 the Cartographer’s Annual 2016 is now full underway with the Here be Monsters and Empire of the Sun styles available for subscribers. But the coming month needs their attention too. Next month will see an isometric style, compatible with both the Herwin Wielink Isometric Dungeons from the Annual and Perspectives 3 itself. And then we have some historical houses/villas/manors floorplans in the work, as well as a woodcut-style for overland maps.

Also – even if it is hard to believe – the year’s conventions (GenCon in August and Spiel in October) already need attention. GenCon hotel bookings for exhibitors is coming in only a couple weeks, and that is a stressful time, as rooms are becomings increasingly sparse in downtown Indy. For Spiel, we are looking in what kind of anti-harassment policies are in effect at German conventions, a topic that’s not been talked about much here.

With that I leave you with a bit from the current Perspectives example map that is on my screen, a little farm or village scene created mainly with the Isometric House tool.
Perspective Village

4 Responses to “On the Cartographer’s Desk – February 2016”

  1. Looks great! Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait for it to come out!

    Yes on housing at cons. It’s great more and more are going but it does create a shortage of rooms!

    Do you have a link on the anti-harassment? You have me curious.



  2. Hi Jon,

    Here is a good overview


  3. Can’t wait for Perspectives 3

    The anti-harassment page was interesting and was useful.

    At one sci fi/fantasy con back in the early 90s several friends who were in an animation club I belonged to got harassed by the convention because of the race they were and friends of theirs who were in the same club, helping with the video room that the club was running, or just hanging out in it of another race also got harnessed too, just for being friends with them.

    It is nice to see that this anti-harassment is an issue that is talked about and that conventions now do set up policies to deal with.

  4. Thanks!

    Love the Perspectives look! Can’t wait!

    Love Jim C Hines! And thanks for the link. Good for ProFantasy to make sure there are anti-harassment policies in place.

    Thanks again!