On the Cartographer’s Desk: Cities of Schley and Token Treasury 2

I’m sure you all would like to know what is currently in development and when the next add-ons for CC3+ will arrive. Well, I can report that Cities of Schley is very close to completion now and that the next Token Treasury is chugging along nicely.

Cities Of SchleyCities of Schley

Mike has finished almost all the symbols for the set, and is now working on the bitmap textures that we need to go along with them, so the City Designer house tool can create matching buildings.

Sue Daniels has been helping us with creating the roof maps and as you can on the right, they look great. She’s also suggested a great way to give you more variety in the roof shapes without compromising the shadow’s on the city map (as mirroring a symbol within CC3+ would do).

TT2Token Treasury 2

Seeing that there is still a vast army of fiends and critters lurking in the shadows to pounce on hapless heroes, we’ve decided to drag a few more into the light of the virtual tabletop.

Rich Longmore is creating another set of monster tokens and I’m always delighted when a new one charges through the doorway (or slithers through a crack in the wall).

We do have a few slots for new monster available in the list, so if you have something special that you would like to see as a token, let us know in the comments below!

3 Responses to “On the Cartographer’s Desk: Cities of Schley and Token Treasury 2”

  1. Token Treasury 2

    Would love to see a set of Humanoid NPC tokens. For example Elf Magic User, Dwarf Cleric, Human Paladin, Gnome Thief etc etc. The possibilities are endless.

    These can be done with CA3 but the difference in art quality compared to the tokens would lead to a scene looking ‘odd’ with some tokens of high quality (Token Treasury) and some of middling quality (CA3).

  2. Thank you, a set like that is certainly possible in the future.

  3. Token which can be used in Post-Apocalyptic Settings would be great, too.