November: Symbols, Videos and Annuals

CA167 The Jewelled CoastNews

  • The November Annual issue has been released. It expands on July’s Spectrum Overland style with many new symbols.


  • We have many new live mapping videos available on YouTube. If you have time, you can join us on Thursday live at 5pm GMT for the actual sessions.
  • Get inspired by the Maps of the Month for October, selected from all the great work of our user community.
  • Check out our collection of this year’s city mapping resources.


  • After finishing the 2019 Annual, Christina Trani steps back in time to go through all of the 2018 issues with example maps and comments. Available so far are January, February, March, April, and May.
  • Remy Monsen takes a look at using multiple symbol styles in the same map and how to make that as easy as possible.
  • In a more advanced article Remy continues his series on Developing add-ons with part 4: Interacting with CC3+.

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