Maps of the Month: October 2020

Welcome back to the Maps of the Month series, where we present a selection of beautiful and special maps created by our user community. Take a look at the great maps that have been posted to the ProFantasy forum or the CC3+ Facebook group.

This is one of the very first maps done in CC3+ by forum user simianorganism, using the Dungeons of Schley style for a virtual tabletop battle map.
Battle map by simianorganism

Raiko is an old hand in the ProFantasy community who produces great maps like this “The Cult of Life and Death” dungeon on a regular basis.
The Cult of Life and Death by Raiko

Medio modified the Worlds of Wonder style to his own liking producing a great variant for his Tilkar map. We took him up on the modifications and showed them off on YouTube, and he’s also working on an extension to make it a full style!
Tilkar map by Medio

Linda Böckstiegel is another of our regulars in this column. I love how sh evokes the sense of destruction and fire in this map of a burning ruin.
Burning Ruin by Linda Böckstiegel

It always feels great to highlight one of our users for the first time, so I was excited to see this great first dungeon map by Madeline Ward posted on the fb group and grabbed it right away.
Three Level Dungeon by Madeline Ward

Finally, here is a beautiful map by Jacob Hicks, using one of Pär Lindström’s great styles for a regional map.
Vaura by Jacob Hicks

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