November 2023 Annual – A City Under Siege

CA203 Bairnemouth Under Siege
The November 2023 Annual issue brings you a large city map in Mike Schley’s Isometric Cities style. Inspired by the recent free “Breached Walls” symbols for the style and many beautiful maps created by the user community, we’ve taken size and detail to the next level with this map. To make it even more useful as a gaming resource, the map comes with a 13-page guide describing many locations and presenting adventure hooks keyed to them.

The November issue is now available for all subscribers from their registration page.

If you haven’t subscribed to the Cartographer’s Annual 2023 yet, you can do so here.

One Response to “November 2023 Annual – A City Under Siege”

  1. Wow! Last time I saw this it was a city wall, a castle, and a row of houses along the south side of the castle!

    Fast work, Ralf. Very impressive. Thank you very much! 😀