Next Year’s Releases

Usually we only manage one product a year other than our Cartographer’s Annual, but 2012 is shaping up to be quite prolific. Nearly all the Symbol Set 3 art is in, Perspectives 3 and now Character Artist 3.

Character Artist 3

Character Artist Pro’s utilitarian art work is looking long in the tooth, so we want to supplement it with a complete new set for Character Artist 3.

After a long search, we’ve commisioned artist Rich Longmore to create symbols for Character Artist 3. When creating characters, you’ll be able to hide or show layers to vary the detail, so a figure can be used as a detailed character portrait or a on a standee. There will be three versions of each gender, giving a range of body type and we’ll include a greater range of facial features, too.

Perspectives 3

The development work for Perspectives 3 is complete, as is the artwork, so it’s a matter of adding textures, putting it all together and testing it. Again, we are taking advantage of CC3’s effects and raster artwork to give an attractive alternative to the vector art we already provide. The new version shades walls and other surfaces so that they look properly lit.

Symbol Set 3

Jon Roberts is half way through the symbols for his set – all the others are done.


13 Responses to “Next Year’s Releases”

  1. Profantasy, you’re going to bankrupt me with these awesome releases.

  2. I cant wait for Perspectives 3 to be finished

  3. Even many years after, you continue to release great tools and assets, keep it on !

  4. Been knowing about this site for over 7 months.

    And these new products are just awesome =)
    Keep up the good work!

  5. That screenshot looks incredible. I’m looking forward to giving Profantasy more money 🙂

  6. Any idea when Character Artist 3 will be made available? Best guess is fine also…

  7. @Brian October?

  8. I love the depth of the wall features. The door and the windows look recessed and the shutters appear to be coming into the room. Awesome work!

  9. Oh, I am soooo excited! Keep up the good work, although my wallet hates you lol.

  10. Yeah! I’ve needed CA3 for a long time, and Perspectives just looks cool. Nice that the symbol set is coming too.

    It sounds like a great year!

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  12. Will CA3 include modern/scifi options?



  13. I’m especially excited for Character Artist 3 and Perspectives 3! I’ll get all three, though, because I bought The Whole Shebang and I like keeping everything up to date. Plus the new art in those programs looks great!