New User Maps Roundup – October

I’m not sure I can handle the flood of beautiful new user maps posted on the Profantasy forum. I may have to go weekly instead of monthly in the future. I certainly hope I didn’t miss anything.

Anomiecoalition awed everybody with this beautiful floorplan of an Al-Quadim style temple. Check out the forum thread for the second floor!

Henrie61 created this little farm by playing around with City Designer 3:

Clercon (Pär Lindström) used last September’s Annual style to create this map of the “Stormlands”.

Again, Henrie61 created this beautiful little rural community using the Jon Roberts Cities style. It is unlabeled and ready to be customized for your own campaign.

I was impressed by ecrodorias‘ very first map created in CC3. A small one, granted, and traditional, but very nice in its composition.

Modric took a stab at using the Fantasy Realms style created by Allyn Bowker for the 2009 Annual, and it came our great. The river discussion spawned by his map in the forum thread has a lot of helpful stuff too.

Shessar‘s Cobber’s Shop and Residence is simply amazing. Created with Dungeon Designer 3 plus a dab of City Designer 3 and CSUAC, the multi-level floorplan is just gorgeous.

Henrie61 remains prolific with this beautiful treasure map created with last year’s Annual style.

AKABigBlack used Herwin Wielink’s overland style to recreate an regional map of the area surrounding Waterdeep.

Dargurd also tried his hand at the 13th Age Overland style and produced this beautiful map of the Serpent Lands.

For gaming with his kids Clercon created this quick (but still amazing) floorplan of a troll cave with the Jon Roberts Dungeon style (which is available for download freely).

Tommek surprised us all by commissioning additional artwork for Herwin Wielink’s Isometric Dungeon style and coming up wiht a series of gorgeous little dungeon pieces.

Esorth produced this simple but effective little map of an oasis that could be used in almost any arabian-style campaign.

Pdj used a not-very-often-seen style from Symbol Set 1 – Fantasy Overland for this map of the Goblin Crag.

Nils is producing outdoor battle map tiles with Dungeon Designer 3 and his WIP looks very good.

Also with DD3, Gerard SERRE is producing these nifty little floorplans of town locations.

Keen produced this little village as a very first map in City Designer 3. Keep up the good work!

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