New User Maps – November roundup

It’s time to take another look at the beautiful user maps posted on the Profantasy forum. The numbers have risen again, and it’s possible I may accidentally skip the occasional map. Check out the Show and Tell category on the forum to see them all!

Henrie61 created this map of the Flow Country in Djekspek’s overland style from the Annual 2012
The Flow Country

Anomiecoalition continues his series of desert-themed floorplans. Here are the tunnels beneath the Great Sphinx.
The Great Sphinx

FarsightX3 uses Herwin Wielink’s style in a close-up map that showcases the excellent detail of his symbols.
3 - Kael Tristin

jigsawman posted his very first CC3 map (using the default overland style) on the forum. A great start!
Devils Claw

Greebo continues work on his amazing Imperial Citadel of Karalion project. Here’s only the imperial gardens… click on the image for more work on the Citadel.
Gardens of Karalion

Modric creates another beautiful world map, this time for his campaign world Ithon, using Pär Lindström’s Fantasy Worlds style.

Pär himself (Clercon) stuns everyone with this awe-inspiring rendition of the city of Kartotum from the Swedish rpg Drakar & Demoner.

KROM shares this detailed and beautiful floorplan of a two-story house for a Call of Cthulhu scenario.
Canaby House

Yours truly (Ralf) managed to sneak in a little mapping in a non-official capacity and upload this floorplan of a rundown Weird West home.
Wild West Home

The Buried Temple of Ifar is another floorplan in anomiecoalition‘s series of desert-themed maps. It’s gorgeous!
Buried Temple of Ifar

The Ice Isles is another of Henrie61‘s regional maps detailing one world.
The Ice Isles

Herwin Wielink’s overland style proved even more popular after its expansion was released in November. Here’s FarsightX‘s Divided Lands map, that uses this style.
Divided Lands

Pdj used City Designer 3 to create a daytime and a nighttime version of the village of Merkham. A very interesting use of sheet effects!

Prompted by Mateus090985, Shessar created these heraldry symbols from a Free Heraldry Clipart website. The symbols are for personal use only, but they are beautiful!
Heraldry Symbols

JimP uses the shareware software Universe and CC3 to build this colorful galaxy map.

KROM does more amazing work with this extremely detailed view of Sarnash region and a beautiful floorplan a mausoleum.

Shessar maps the Slaves Mines of Ezrit and provides a beautiful rock texture for your maps to boot.
Slave Mines of Ezrith

Agatheron creates a small village for a huge battle in this beautiful City Designer 3 map.

anomiecoalition posted this amazing map of the village of Pramayama, using City Designer 3 and resources from the CSUAC.

BwenGun used Herwin Wielink’s overland style to create this huge map of the Duchy of Midland, making up a part of his Léodmidder project.

Terraformer_Author provides a series of neat sci-fi textures, free for you to use.

Thanks to all our users for this wonderful collection of maps and resources!

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