User Tutorials: Rivers, Mountains, Mists, Streams and Cliffs

PerinusaSeveral users over on the ProFantasy community forum have recently posted tutorials on various aspects of their map-making. These are wonderful resources for any mapper, and we are sharing them here for your convenience and ease of access.

Charley Wayne Robinson has a huge project going on, mapping his fantasy world in intricate detail. He discusses creating mountain ranges in a two-part tutorial, as well as creating rivers, and – a specialty of his – misty areas. You can download the pdfs from these links:

CliffsAndStreamsEver-industrious Shessar posted two excellent tutorials on drawing streams and cliffs in DD3 Battlemaps. Both are difficult features to depict on a static, 2d map, at least if you want to make them look really good, but Shessar shows you exactly how to accomplish that.

As always kudos and many thanks to our wonderful user community, and here especially to Charles and Shessar. You can find more user tutorials on the Profantasy website.

And here is another tutorial by ArgoForg, showing the detailed river work of his country-scale maps.

2 Responses to “User Tutorials: Rivers, Mountains, Mists, Streams and Cliffs”

  1. I just wanted to say thank you to both Charles and Shessar for making these wonderful tutorials to help us all improve our mapping. I really appreciate the help.

  2. And now that you have added ArgoForg’s river tutorial to this I want to thank him as well. Great tutorial ArgoForg!Thank You!