User Maps – July to November

It’s been a while since we posted a round up of user maps, mostly because we are very busy with CC3+ and had the summer’s convention schedule to take care of. But that doesn’t mean there haven’t been great maps posted to the forum – quite to the contrary as you can see below.

You can always rely on Grimur to take everyone’s breath away with his gorgeous maps, like this one using the Herwin Wielink overland style.

This nifty little dungeon was created by Mappy with Dungeon Designer 3 and a few custom symbols.

CragmerianDM‘s first contribution to the community forum is this nice map of his game world. It’s basic CC3 overland, but with the map run through a photo filter afterwards.

T6A5 created this overland map “Norfolk Island” following the tutorial included in CC3.

Pär Lindström (Clercon) created the Eldolan map as a commission for Pelgrane Press and their 13th Age adventure “Shadows of Eldolan“. As always his city maps are a stunning combination of CD3 and Photoshop work.

Also done in City Designer 3 was the city of Claystone, by sly. I love the clear simplicity of the map and its labeling.

Kelron combined the Herwin Wielink and DeRust styles for great effect in his Thylis world map. Great work! You can see a few other iterations of the map in the forum thread when you click the image below.

This wonderful battle map of a beach scene was created my micfort with one of the Symbol Set 2 drawing styles.

Following a conversation at GenCon, DogTag tried his hand at creating some wagon tracks in DD3. Came out nicely, didn’t it?

Modric just this simple but effective world map done in the 13th Age style.

Xander took a good look at creating multiple levels of terrain in battle maps and produced this amazing proof of concept:

JimP has been doing a major overhaul of his Crestar world site. You’ll find tons of different maps in a variety of configurations and styles, like the one below.

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