Maps of the Month: September and August 2018

We skipped a month in August, so I had to look through even more awesome maps to present you for September! As always the selection is very hard and I’m not generally choosing by “best” or “most artistic criteria”, but simply by what catches my eye. It may be a great first map, an idea I’ve never seen before or anything else really. Enjoy!

Danel Yeaman created this dockside building and shared in the Facebook community. I love the simple little ship docked there at the Old Fishery!

Pär Lindström‘s city maps are always a pleasure to behold, and he’s particularly fond of the Black & White city style. So much he’s just doodling some city maps in his spare time!

Joe Sweeney’s been producing great starship deckplans for a long time, but now he’s created a starship designer spreadsheet for the HighSpace game and illustrated it with this neat little fighter deckplan.

Highland Piper created these wonderful geomorphic dungeon tiles – the unusual thing being that they re hexagonal!
Hex Tiles

Rowanhold is a first map by clithgow and I am impressed by the way he managed to represent the village tucked into the woods of Mirkwood.

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  1. Outstanding maps, guys – keep up the good work 😀