Maps of the Month: September 2019

Summer is over, September is getting on and its time to collect another batch of beautiful user maps to highlight. Let’s see what the Profantasy community produced this month!

Maidhc O Casain over on the forum used the Annual’s watercolour style to produce a version of probably the most famous RPG village of all time: Hommlet:

Grimur Fjeldsted dug his teeth into the new Symbol Set 5 and created a great town map with it.

We see Fractal Terrain 3 maps like Thiatas Ashadarawesh‎‘s map of an Antediluvian Earth much too rarely here, so this is a real treat.

Of course Symbol Set 5 is a strong favourite among users at the moment, and here is another great map created with it. Patrick Harron finished up his City of Proba map.

Last but most definitely not least is Linda Böckstiegel’s wonderful floorplan of a ruin slowly being swallowed by a swamp, created with DD3, Symbol Set 2 and lost of custom content.

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  1. Beautiful work mappers