Maps of the Month: November 2018

November doesn’t let up… our users are still producing many, many new and wonderful maps. Here’s just a very short collection of examples. If you want to see more, join the Facebook community group or sign up in our forum!

Linda Böckstiegel continues to produces wonderful dungeon and floorplan maps, but the Tomb of the Troll Gods is an special highlight. Quite literally, check our her awesome lighting work!
Tomb of the Troll Gods

Quenten Walker is a long-time regular in the ProFantasy community. He must have produced and shared dozen maps by now (I didn’t keep count), but the Isle of Llum really stands out.
Isle of Llum

Jeremy Johnston put a lot of work in this huge map of Astophos, one of his fantasy world’s capital cities.

Over on the forum SamMcCart was one of th first to use this month’s Annual style to create this beautiful town map.
Asian Town

Last but not least LordSidmandoo first shared map is this wonderful Cloister of the Frog God. Please keep maps as these coming!
Cloister of the Frog God

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  1. Beautiful work.