Maps of the Month – March 2018

Here is another collection of maps that have caught our eyes since the last “Maps of the Month” post. They are taken from the CC3+ Facebook community and the ProFantasy forum, and as usual are just a quasi-random selection from the multitude of maps that have been posted. Enjoy!

A small town in a far-away land…
was created by Lorelei (Christina Trani) using City Designer 3 symbols, tools and textures as well as some of her own tree symbols.
Sue Daniel

The Etrani Estate
by Lorelei (Christina Trani) makes excellent use of Mike Schley’s dungeon style.
Christina Trani

The Lake Woodcut
by rrcalbick (Ronald Calbick) takes the Parchment Maps style from the Annual Vol 11 and creates something new and special from it!

The City of Kaneth
by Pascal Godbout uses the John Speed city style from the very first Annual year and combines it with great texturing.

The North
by Hans Anders Bergström recreates a real-world area (Scotland) in the Dark Realms style from the Annual Vol 10.

One Response to “Maps of the Month – March 2018”

  1. Thank you for selecting my WIP map! I’ve been trying a few different things with my lake woodcut map and will post the completed version soon. Thanks again!