Maps of the Month – June 2024

It’s time for another look at the wonderful maps shared by the ProFantasy users on the community forum or in our Facebook group.

Let’s start by this wonderful overland map by Calibre, utilizing several styles including Darklands Overland and Spectrum Overland.

The Seven Pines Lodge by C.C. Charon is an excellent example of the KISS principle (keep it simple stupid). Mostly in a self-designed style, it uses some of the parchment 6 paper effects from the very first Carographer’s Annual.

EdE has ahared another beautiful outdoor battle map, showing some old ruins. It uses material from Symbol Set 2, as well as the Forest Trails and Creepy Crypts styles.

HelenAA used the Temple of Bones isometric dungeon style to create this part of the Ruins of Charn.

Pål Wilhelmsen combined the recent Ancient Cities style with Desert Oasis to create this beautiful desert city map.

Ricko Hasche went wild with the tree symbols of this map of his realm of Serenia. He makes excellent use of the Mike Schley overland style and the free monthly symbols we publish for it.

The Sea Elf Outpost by RoyalScribe is another one of a whole a series of beautiful undersea maps, using Sue Daniel’s excellent Marine Dungeons style.

Thijs Christiaan de Goede used the DeRust Overland style to detail this section of his large overland map.

Wes Otis‘ Frozen Reach map is another one in his series of pulp-style sword & sorcery maps using the Ancients Realms style.

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  1. All of these creations prompt the “Wow” factor: Not a dull one in the bunch! ProFantasy products really bring out the exciting talents of its users.

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