Maps of the Month: February 2024

Time for another look at the maps the community has produced last month i.e. in February. Everybody has been extremely busy, so we’ve got a long list!

Julian Dracos created a map of the Dragonlance world in the Worthington Historical style, and I love it. Now what was the name of that world again? Trying to remember and too lazy to Google it right now…

I’ve included two maps by Ute Gundacker (Lizzy_Maracuja on the forum), because they are so very different: One of her signature modern maps of Avalon, a Santa Catalina island in the Tactical Maps style, and the Ferne Lande map using the recent Annual overland style.

TheIneffableCheese created a classic labyrinth map in a simple black and white vector style. The art is in the layout here!

Another example of how wonderful black and white maps can be is Shaun Hateley‘s map of the Tagwin Towers castle.

Ricko Hasche also tried his hand at the February Annual style, resulting in this great Duke Island map.

Kevin Goebel‘s waterfall/rapids map is huge and wonderful, using Sue Daniel’s awesome Forest Trail style.

I always love people new to the software posting their first maps, and Akaryth by JackTheMapper in the Jon Roberts Overland style is no exception. Thanks for sharing, Jack!

I like my western movies, and while Largo by Glitch is only a concept map, I did need to include it. It works perfectly as a town map as it is, too!

Ed Elce‘s island town of Lopsford might also not be 100% finished, but it already looks gorgeous, so no point in keeping it from you.

What is a month without a town map by Duane Wilkey? Boring probably, but I couldn’t say, since there is always (at least) one it seems. Awesome work!

I don’t have a name for it, but Dave Ludwin‘s island map is great work in Sue’s Spectrum Overland style.

Daniel Pereda de Pablo created another set of wonderful character portraits, using Character Artist 3 to its fullest.

Last but most certainly not least is another great map by Christina Trani with a map of the Tormel Farm, using Sue Daniel Darklands City style from the Annual 2021 together with community assets.

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  1. Another fantastic collection of art. Thanks for sharing 😀