Maps of the Month: December 2023

Before we fully commit to the New Year (yes, yes, January is almost over, I know), let’s take a last look back at the wonderful mapping work of 2023, with the maps of the month of December.

Dak has mapped part of Krynn, the world of Dragonlance with the a recreation of this awesome map. This really takes me back, “Dragons of Hope” was one of the first D&D adventures I ever owned!

Antony Farrell shared this partial export of what looks like a huge world map, done in the Herwin Wielink overland style.

Matt Finch‘s wintry ambush scene is a perfect use of the Winter Trails style by Sue Daniel.

I love the White Fangs Peaks mapped by Ebeneadeser, for the great sense of balance and spacing in the symbols (using Mike Schley Overland).

Spectrum Overland by Sue Daniel is another great overland style, and Bryan F Irving has really done it justice here.

Who doesn’t like a neat little shipwreck map. Time to go hunting for some treasure, as I’m sure Fersus has hidden it somewhere here!

Need a great encounter map along an old and partially overgrown road? Grab EdE‘s shattered road map and your good to go with an excellent map!

Need something more contemplative to wander along? Perhaps EucalyptusNow‘s Sacred Forest Path is what you need right now.

I don’t think anybody has shared as many awesome town maps as Duane Wilkey. Here s another one, called Rocksbay.

I like to imagine Hughgrot, the wonderfully seedy littel pirate haven lies across the bay from Rocksbay, even if the author is a different one: Talaraska.

Something a little different from Ricko Hasche this month, with a “standard” overland map. But looks at those tiny trees! It must have been a lot of work, but the result is really worth the effort!

Last but not least whit2468 has created another awesome Middle-earth map in the Pete Fenlon style: Bree and the surrounding areas, including the Barrow-downs.

What a wonderful capstone to the mapping year of 2023. I’m eager to see (and have already seen) lots more maps in 2024. Bring ’em on!

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  1. There’s a lot of lovely and very diverse work here.

    Thanks for sharing šŸ™‚