Maps of the Month – December 2021

Let’s do a last look back to 2021 with some community maps that were posted in December, either on the ProFantasy forum or in the Facebook community group. Thank you to each and every mapper participating, no matter whether you maps is shown here or not, you’re all awesome!

We start with probably the most prolific recent contributor in the Facebook group, Eric McNeal. Not only are his maps numerous, they are also all very beautiful. Take a look at these two examples:
The Empire of Manevryn
The West Crown

Another very busy mapper is Ricko who artistically composes mapping symbols into scenes and impressionistic maps.
Shaziram The Destroyer

Calibre‘s Mor Stonish map is a gorgeous example of the Spectrum Overland style with some personal touches. Note the little vignettes highlighting special features of the land.
Mor Stonish

What month would be complete without one of Lilhans‘ amazing watercolor drawings. Showing of just one of many, here’s the Tower on the Rock.
Tower on Rock

Of course Ute Gundacker is busy as well, creating this amazingly detailed modern town map of Oakwood, the setting for a modern horror rpg campaign.

Jonasgreen used the Dungeons of Schley style to produce this lovely floorplan the Foal’s Luck Pub and Inn. Check out the upper level as well!
Foal's Luck Inn

I found Telnango‘s overland map very impressive, especially considering it’s a first map. Love the aerial view feeling with the wheeling birds.
First Overland Map

Last but not least, we have an entry from mapping regular Dak, showing off his rendering of the world of Elric of Melniboné in the 13th Age style. As the Elric stories were some of my first Fantasy reads after the Lord of the Rings, they hold a special spot in my heart!
Elric's World

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  1. Spectacular show everyone 🙂