Maps of the Month: August 2021

We have another gallery of wonderful user maps posted on the Profantasy forum and in the Facebook CC3+ community last month. All for you to browse and admire!

“Schopp und Umland” by Ute Gundacker is a WW2-style map from an actual village in my home country, so I really needed to include this, even if it had been any less beautiful.
Schopp und Umland

Calibre is so prolific, and creates such beautiful maps, that I had to include two of them for the August gallery.


Brakk’s Tavern by Andy Hanson is a great little battle map for probably the most visited location in most fantasy campaign’s: the local tavern.
Brakks Tavern

Jason Payne‘s generic Forest Campsite is equally useful for all those night time encounters on the journey.

Quenten used the recent family tree annual, Characater Artist 3 and the Token Treasury to create a whole noble lineage. Elexios here is just one of the characters.

Isn’t this wonderful? A whole customizable hex dungeon right there on the fridge in John C. Morrison‘s kitchen!
Fridge Dungeon

Edwin Mark Dakin‘s Shadowport map is something you don’t see every day: a neon-glow cyberpunk map!
Landing Area

The Reineglass Valley map by Eric McNeal is justa wonderful example of the Jon Robert Overland style.
Reineglas Valley

AleD created this great fantasy map of his home region (in Northen Italy) in the Erdan Worlds style.

Thanks to everybody, and apologies to those map-maker’s works I missed or skipped – they are all very much appreciated.

One Response to “Maps of the Month: August 2021”

  1. Wow, thank you for including the map of Schopp 😊

    All the August maps are so beautiful – and I really adore the style of the Shadowport map, really awesome for cyberpunk games 😍