Maps of the Month: April 2020

Dear Cartographer’s, thank you again for sharing all the wonderful work you do on the community forum and in the Facebook group. We can’t do justice to them all, here is just a small selection of the beautiful maps we’ve seen last month.

Mateus has been especially prolific last month, sharing many amazing maps. This one, the Ilha Rasa is just one of this works, created with the Dark Realms style from the Cartographer’s Annual 2016.
Ilha Rasa

Enderrin recreated some old maps in CC3+ including this beautiful city map using the Watabo city style (without the generator part).

Over in the Facebook group Daniel Pereda De Pablo‎ posted this isometric map of a small temple created with Perspectives 3
The Chapel

Simple and elegant in design, Don Bessinger‘s map of the Roman Empire is a great example of doing historical maps in CC3+.
Imperium Romanun

Adelbert DeRoiville‘s dark and evocative town map os great fit for the gothic-fantasy-horror setting of Ravenloft.

Thiatas Ashadarawesh‎ created this stunning map with Fractal Terrains 3 and Wilbur.

2 Responses to “Maps of the Month: April 2020”

  1. Great work, guys! 😀

  2. Thanks for the inclusion! Two maps in a row, I’m blushing right now.