Mapping Time for the Community

Maps and MoreRecently Profantasy has offered a batch of Unlimited Patron Licenses to our customers, as a way to get a comprehensive collection of our software, including unlimited future updates.

One of the included perks is a sample map of the customer’s campaign, done by yours truly. Now one of our patrons has decided to donate this map (or better the mapping time) to the community. To decide what this sample should be, I’m asking you for suggestions. What do you want to see mapped as a freely available resource? The map will be available for download in both CC3 and PDF formats, so that you can edit it if you own CC3 yourself, or just print it for your own game.

You can see some of my mapping work at Let me know in the comments below or head over to the forum.

Happy mapping,

2 Responses to “Mapping Time for the Community”

  1. On the mapping for the community, I would like to see a map (not diorama) of a fairly large dungeon in DD3.

  2. I would love to see a map of a small Island kingdom. May 3 or 4 larger islands and a number of smaller ones.

    With just a few major cities and locations filled so there would be enough room left to put in villages and locations of my own.