July: Dioramas 3, World War 2 Interactive Atlas, Onion Domes and Annuals

Sages' TowerWelcome to the July newsletter, dear cartographers! While we are now preparing our yearly pilgrimage Gen Con – the Best Four Days in Gaming, we also have a lot of news for you. Dioramas 3 has now been released, and with the WW2 Interactive Altas we have updated the last of our product line to work with CC3+. Finally, the July Annual with its Dioramas 3 example and tutorial has been released. Our authors are no less busy: Remy Monsen explains how to dynamically show and hide features in a CC3+ drawing, while Pär Lindström discusses his experience of creating Annual issues and Sue Daniel digs into (or should we say “climbs unto”) roof architecture with her tutorial on creating realistically shaded onion domes.




4 Responses to “July: Dioramas 3, World War 2 Interactive Atlas, Onion Domes and Annuals”

  1. The link ‘creating Annual issues’ takes you to the wp admin page 🙁

  2. The link to Sue’s article is an internal WordPress URL (has wp-admin in the path).

  3. Broken link.

    So looking forward to Remy and how to ‘show and hide map features’ in CC3+ but link is to GenCon (previous list item). Shan’t sleep well tonight as whole day was structured around Remy’s article.

  4. Thanks folks, the links should be fixed now!