July 2023: Monkey Frogs, Military Camps and more Railways

Naled-Zhar by Eric McNeal

  • The July issue of the Cartographer’s Annual is available, with an overland style by a new Annual contributor – Monkey Frog Studios.


  • The latest free monthly symbols by Mike Schley give you symbols for military encampments like tents and fortified trenches.
  • Watch or re-watch the recent live mapping videos from our playlist on YouTube.
  • Check out the community’s Maps of the Month for June, possibly providing some inspiration for your own mapping projects.


  • Remy dives into part 2 of his tutorial on how to draw tracks and rail lines, letting us swerve around in curves on our tracks.
  • Christina Trani continues with her “All the Annuals” series going through all the Annual issues over the years. This time it is the “Temple of Bones” isometric dungeon style she is looking at.


  • CC3+’s current version is 3.98. Check in Help > About and if your version is older, run Update 28 for CC3+ available from your registration page.
  • Fractal Terrains 3+ has been released and is available from among your FT3 downloads on your registration page.
  • Join our community of map-makers on the Profantasy forum and/or the Facebook group.

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