GenCon 2018 in Indianapolis

GenCon 2018 – the Best 4 Days in Gaming – is coming up next week, and of course ProFantasy will be at the show.

Stop by at booth #1317 (we are sharing the booth with Pelgrane Press) to check out the new Dioramas 3, get a glimpse of what we are working on, or just chat with Simon, Ralf or Doug. We are looking forward to seeing you there!
Exhibitors Hall

One Response to “GenCon 2018 in Indianapolis”

  1. ARGH! Simon’s going to be there too? I actually have the money to go this year but I don’t think I’ll have the time. @#$%*!

    I’m still hoping to maybe sneak away for a day, but those are long odds (it’s not the way I’d bet), dangit.

    Well, I hope you guys have lots of fun and hook lots of new customers on your amazing software.