February News


The Cartographer’s Annual 2012 subscription is out now. See previews of January, February,  and March, and the the Annual 2012 site.

The Cartographer’s Annual 2011 is out now – read a summary of the monthly content here.


Art Preview

This is one female paper doll for Character Artist 3.




5 Responses to “February News”

  1. Just BTW, the “Latest Release: Cartographer’s Annual 2012” link (right under the map on the Profantasy homepage) currently points to the wrong page (FT3).

    Keep up the good work guys, been a user since CC-DOS! 🙂

  2. The link above “Building A Better World – The New Tome of Ultimate Mapping” Is pointing to some other site. I changed it to profantasy.com in notepad and it hit the correct place. You will want to correct this page.

  3. I’ll hazard a guess at temporary confusion by someone writing the pages, since the page relating to the new Tome suggests the article poster is “Simon Rogers | January 27, 2012 | Tome” , and the strange link taking you to a non-profantasy site takes you to the Pelgrane Press website, and the chap who owns Pelgrane is called – Simon Rogers….

  4. @Iain Armstrong, It’s working now. You must have nipped in mid-edit.

  5. @Mike Kuehn,It’s working now.