Downloads as a Gift

Downloads from ProFantasy make great gifts. As the buyer, you don’t have to do the actual download yourself. Instead, you can give the recipient some simple download details that are included in your online receipt. These details allow the one receiving the gift to download the software and documentation themselves, at anytime and anywhere.

The download details are available to you as soon as you complete your order, with no waiting around or having to be in for deliveries. They don’t include pricing and you can send them by email or print them out for a card or to put in a gift box. You can make a wrapped present out of a download!

Download delivery has no media to worry about losing or damaging and we keep orders safe on our systems so that you can retrieve them whenever you need. We use Amazon’s Web Services infrastructure to make sure our software downloads are very reliably available worldwide at high speed.

Step by step, this is how you can give downloads as a gift

  1. Choose your items and place your order.Example Online Payment Receipt
    We offer some great starter bundles for users new to our software. At the checkout, choose delivery by either download or download + shipped media.
  2. As you complete your order, our website sends you a confirmation email and a link to your online payment receipt.
  3. Looking at the receipt, next to Serial Numbers, click Send to email.
    Send to Email, next to Serial Numbers
  4. Moments later you’ll receive a second email that includes the download details for your purchase. These are the details your recipient needs. You can forward the email, print it out or simply copy the key details into a card.

In the payment receipt there’s a very tempting Register button. Don’t click it! As this is a gift, leave registration for your recipient.

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