Download Free Character Standees

rangerThe Character Artist 3 add-on to Campaign Cartographer 3 is coming soon. As well as portraits for character sheets, you can also create card standees.

Here is a PDF of characters  you can download free for your own use.


4 Responses to “Download Free Character Standees”

  1. So, the new Character Artist is all fantasy? Any plans for a sci-fi or modern add-on for it? Personally, I’d love to see additions to it that fit with Cosmographer and the Modern Symbol Set!
    (But, all that aside, it looks like y’all have some great stuff coming!!)

  2. @J.K. Hoffman, It is all fantasy. New catalogs are certainly on our list of things to add if it does sufficiently well.

  3. @Simon Rogers, Gotcha! And, thanks for the update. I’ll be honest, I may not be interested in the fantasy portraits, but I’ll probably end up getting this for the CC+ update. Also, I think this is the only “add-on” that I haven’t bought in previous versions. I love your software! CC3 and Cosmographer, especially, are a tour de force of mapping software, as far as I’m concerned.

  4. I too would like to see some characters for Cosmographer. Not necessarily aliens (although they’d be nice) but some modern, space-type outfits.