Dioramas: Paper Ships

Fleet of ShipsCC3 can be put to many uses apart from mapping, especially if you take some of the more specialized add-ons into the mix.

Several years ago (lots actually), when I was into naval miniature games but lacked the funds to collect pewter miniatures on a larger scale, I resorted to scratch-building ships from sturdy paper, toothpicks and paper-clips. The design process was laborious and I had to keep the little paper parts around for future rebuilds of the models.

Model created in Dioramas ProMuch later when I had dived into Campaign Cartographer and took my first looks at Dioramas, I realized it was perfectly suited to create this models on the computer. Hey, I could even create colored versions and quickly and easily print out as many copies as I needed.

Unfortunately by then, my gaming group had moved on to other games, and I didn’t get to play these tabletop games much anymore. Still it was great fun a draw a few of the paper models in Dioramas. I put them up on their own little site and received some very enthusiastic feedback.

The contruction sheets are available as pdfs and can be quickly printed and cut-out. Assembly is still something that needs to be done with time and care, mostly because the models are so small.

Dioramas Pro Construction Sheet

Construction Sheet

Moving into the Future

My sailing ship models also served as inspiration for another kind of ship model I created later: Paper models for the starship tabletop game Starmada.

Starmada Paper Models

I’m looking forward to creating more paper models with Dioramas.

3 Responses to “Dioramas: Paper Ships”

  1. Hi:
    It’s amazing to see you created some ship model out. Just wonder for ships like Corsairs and the Galleon on the Buccaneers page, will you release the pdf version of its papercraft in future?
    Edward Bi

  2. @edward, If I ever get around to actually recreating those ship models as CC3/pdf files, I certainly will. They were originally done as one-time hand drawn things and recreating them is a longer process, which is hard to find the time for.

  3. I was wondering if you could do a video that could briefly demonstrate how you used the campaign cartographer to design these amazing little ships, or some brief instructions. Either way any info would be a huge help.