Desktop Wallpaper

I like having a selection of cartographic backgrounds for my PC desktop, and so I devised a simple way of exporting map sections at suitable resolutions.

  1. Download this zip file.
  2. Copy the xts files into the CC3 \System\Export\Settings folder, and the wallpaper export.fsc file into CC3 \Symbols\Other folder.
  3. Look up your desktop resolution (Start menu >> Control Panel >> Adjust Resolution)
  4. Launch CC3 and open the map you want to make into wallpaper.
  5. Select Tools >> Options BMP, JPG, PNG and pull down the settings. They start “Wallpaper”. Choose yours and note the aspect ratio (eg 16 to 9)

I’ve covered about 90% of screen resolutions. If yours isn’t listed, it’s easy to add your own.

  1. Open the Wallpaper Export catalog and choose the symbol which matches your display’s aspect ratio.
  2. The symbol is probably bigger than your drawing – hold SHIFT and move the mouse until it’s the right size and place it where you want to make your wallpaper.
  3. Right click the Save As button and select Export Rectangular Section
  4. The prompt reads “Select first corner”
  5. Zoom Window into the top left corner of the symbol and choose a point just inside the rectangular symbol.
  6. Zoom Extents, then Zoom Window to the lower right corner and choose a point just inside the rectangular symbol.
  7. Select a file location for your wallpaper.

The new wallpaper will open in your raster editor, if you have one.

Here are some high resolution examples I exported for different ratios.

4 Responses to “Desktop Wallpaper”

  1. Only now i had saw it. Thank you for the tutorial and archives.

  2. Also I could not follow step 6. Where is this Wallpaprer Export?

  3. @Mateus, if you downloaded and installed the zip file, you should see it in the CC3 \Symbols\Other folder

  4. Thank you.

    Now I found it =)