December: Schleyscapes for Symbol Set 4 and the Annual 2018

SS4 Forlorn CottageAnother year is coming to a close, and we have a slew of Christmas present in store: A free extension Symbol Set 4, an update for CC3+, the Cartographer’s Annual 2018 is available for subscription and Remy finishes a one-year run of the “Command of the week”.




7 Responses to “December: Schleyscapes for Symbol Set 4 and the Annual 2018”

  1. Where is the cottage expansion? Clicking on that link redirects here.

    Thanks and Merry Xmas!


  2. If you own SS4, it is available with the downloads on your registration page.

    And I’ve fixed the link in the post above. It leads to the blog post about the Forlorn Cottage set.

  3. Has it just replaced the old S4 download? That’s the only thing S4 related on my products screen.

  4. This is an amazing add-on to SS4!

  5. Thank you! We are glad everybody seems to like it.

  6. Hi,
    The link under Articles, to “How mountains affect rainfall”, goes elsewhere.

  7. Thank you, the link is now fixed!