December Newsletter – An Annual Event

The latest articles and news from ProFantasy for the festive season.



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5 Responses to “December Newsletter – An Annual Event”

  1. Glad to read about the Annuals Vol. 6 and the upcoming 2013.
    Although I expected the newsletter to include:
    -ProFantasy’s Festive Hamper
    -Christmas/New Year’s offer 😉

    Also, if I may suggest:
    Some time ago I received an offer to get the media for the products I bought as download only, by paying the shipping+handling. I immediately took advantage of it (CD3 and DD3 at the time).
    Although I’ve been buying as download only, I would really like to get the media for all the v3 (and v2 that have no v3 available yet) products I currently own (CC3, CA Pro, Cosmo3, SS1v3, SS2v3, SS3v3, FT3, Annuals Vol 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and ToUM v2 and v3).

    Would you consider offering media for products I currently own for a small fee + shipping + handling?

    Thanks, and keep up the excellent work you guys have been doing for a long time! 🙂

  2. Regarding the media poll. I buy the media because I like to have a physical copy. Yes, I can make a copy of the download but burned optical media are not as durable as stamped/printed media. Also the physical media also come with printed guides.

    And, yeah, they look good on my shelf. 😉


  3. @Gonzo, this is a good idea. We’ll consider how best to do it.

  4. @Dogtag,

    +1 to everything Dogtag said.

  5. I ususally just get the download. I once ordered the box set with it but never got my order, so I just do the download. Cannot remember what I had ordered – it has been to long now. I love the annuals.