Cosmographer 3 – Extra Traveller Deckplans

We are looking to add some more Traveller Deckplans to the Cosmographer 3 Release and couldn’t decide which ones to do. Can you help us? Which would you like us to do?

The poll is closed. Click “View” to see the results. The three most popular deckplans are now available here.

Included in Cosmo 3

What Traveller deckplan would you like us to do?

Empress Marava-Class Far Trader
Subsidized Merchant
Selectio of Small Craft
Zhdits Class Zhodani Destroyer Escort
Ninz Class Zhodani Type Scout
Animal Class Safari Ship
Desiree Keah Class Yacht
Lurushaar Kilaalum Class Patrol Cruiser
Chatl Class Zhodani Scout
Luficer Class Imperial Destroyer Escort free polls

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